ABJ Health Consulting Solutions, Inc. believes that universal health coverage should be available to all individuals and that access to affordable health services enables people to lead healthy, productive lives.

ABJ Health Consulting Solutions, Inc. seeks to promote an efficient, accessible and affordable health system towards that cause.



Our mission is to increase the quality of health and well-being of underserved populations by strengthening community-level health efforts in disease prevention and control by embracing healthy lifestyles and engaging in healthy communities.

Core values, Principles and Policies

Our practice lives by the following values, principles and policies that it considers vital to our mission:

Multicultural Competency

Health care is a global dynamic. We value diversity and interaction with all cultures, races and ethnic groups.


Transparency is critical in health communication and promotes good governance. We believe in openness and accountability to our clients, lenders, investors, partners, stakeholders and the general public.

Decisive Leadership

An evidence-based approach is essential for successful health policies and programs. We promote the implementation of evidence-based decisions in public health.

Shared Vision

Creative and critical thinking generates opportunities for evaluation and the development of new ideas. We work as a team with shared goals and aspirations to foster innovative health solutions.


We develop and adhere to moral and ethical principles in pursuit of new bodies of knowledge and to all clients, lenders, investors, partners, stakeholders and the general public.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership brings stakeholders together to generate commitment and sense of ownership toward a common goal. We seek to embrace different ideas, build trust and engagement among entities to create new ideas and long-term partnerships.